(( Affiliations ))

★ Owner/Mgr of Dub Recon South Florida 
★ Chapter Head of Konkrete Jungle South Florida 
★ Digital Alliance Productions
★ Audioplayground Entertainment
★ FreSH ToaST CloThIng
★ White Wyzzard Productions
★ Big Mash Sound
★ Breakloose Worldwide
★ Reboot DnB
★ Biogen inc.
★ Outloud 

(( About ))

Casper - Dub Recon, Konkrete Jungle, Audioplayground Entertainment, FreSH ToaST CloThIng

Its virtually impossible to speak about the South Florida Dubstep Scene without mentioning DJ Casper. If its dubstep, and its in south florida, you can be sure Casper is involved. He's climbed the ranks and has become a local heavy hitter and one of South Floridas most sought after Dubstep DJ's. If its filthy, grimy, melt your face off bass your looking for, he's the man to see. From sketchy nook and cranny dive bars, to performing at almost ever venue from West Palm to Miami. Headlining for huge crowds at the the Spirit of Sound gathering, one of South Floridas premier EDM events, Casper is a no-joke, in-your-face, DJ who's known for his undeniable mixing skill and keeping the filthy bass constantly firing at you. He is the head honcho of the South Florida division of Konkrete Jungle, keeping South Florida connected to the world of jungle / drum and bass. He is the founder of Dub Recon, Caspers personally hand picked collection of South Floridas most talented dubstep / drum and bass DJ's. Dub Recon is in the business of destroying crowds of raging party goers all over South Florida, and business is good... Casper prides his reputation as an incredible underground DJ. Hes the DJ thats playing all the newest and best unsigned, underground tunes that nobody can get their hands on. Casper is currently working on his latest brainchild, Firestar Recordings. An underground record label with releases from an onslaught of new producers ranging from Dubstep to Drumstep and Drum and Bass, carrying the torch for the next generation of labels and producers emerging out of the South Florida region. Casper is arguably the most ambitious player in the South Florida underground DJ game.

(( Some Events Played ))

★Fantasy Land
★MayDaze 2011
★Summer Beats 2011
★Dubbilicious Featuring Calvertron
★Dubbilicious New York vs Florida 
★Dubbilicious Featuring Mochipet
★Fear Loathing 
★Jungle Rave 
★Back To The Jungle
★Spirit Of Sound Gathering - Summer Edition 
★Spirit Of Sound Gathering 2 Year Anniversary 
★Spirit Of Sound Gathering - Pisces Edition 
★Sunset Music Festival 2011
★Spash 2 
★1UP Level 2
★Blood Bass Booze
★Play feat. Hatcha 
★Fright Nights 2011 
★Dubstep vs DnB
★Robot Wars 
★Konkrete Jungle Miami (Wmc)

(( Events Thrown ))

★Konkrete Jungle South Florida Presents: Jungle Rave

★Konkrete Jungle South Florida Presents: Back To The Jungle

★Konkrete Jungle South Florida Presents: Robot Wars 

★Konkrete Jungle South Florida Presents: St. Patty's Day Massacre

★Audioplayground & Dub Recon Presents: Dubstep vs DnB

★Audioplayground & Dub Recon Presents: Blood Bass Booze

★Audioplayground & Dub Recon Presents: Bass Face

★Audioplayground & Dub Recon Presents: Dubcore

★Dubcake vol. 1 / 2

Dj Casper has performed with acts such as Calvertron, Evol Intent, Helicopter Showdown, Nerdrage, Halo Nova, Dieselboy, Sluggo, S- Factor, Hatcha, Hokilla, Mochipet, APHRODITE, Danny The Wildchild, A-Sides, Empire X, ¡Mayday!, Kryteria to name a few ....

Press Contact
561 932-3030 dubreconsouthflorida@gmail.com