Juke - Footwerk = Dubstep - Drum'n'Bass - House - Acid Jazz - Downtempo - Techno - Reggae - Moohmbaton - Trip Hop - Acid Funk - Breakbeats
Professor Chaos, and Guests.
West Palm Beach, FL
Record Label
Audioplayground Ent.
All genre's of UNDERGROUND

  Beat Thief inc. is a LIVE dub-plate style remix performance. This unique and un-touchable style of hybrid mixing uses digital dub-plate channels along with real records for scratching and sampling, while utilizing loops and accapellas to create an atmosphere of chaotic harmony & Funk BEATS. 

  Beat Thief inc actually MATCHES beats, loops and samples rhythmically without even skipping a record or hitting a sync button.  They use science and mathematics to follow the flow of each song, finding the perfect mixing point for a build up of epic proportions. They use BPM, Key and Sequencing, along with the hottest basslines, and beats the underground has to offer.

  Each set sounds different, and will range from Juke to Footwerk, Trip-Hop to Acid Jazz, Techno to Rock n Breaks, Drum n Bass to Dub Step, and Reggae to Funk Moohmbaton. Remixing all of the latest underground hits, thieving beats from every piece of vinyl available, while remixing live digital samples and loops. They have even been known to use microphones with FX and weird instruments along with their sets, making them one of South Florida's most Unique dj Performance.

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Matt Beck